a photo of SPNN's camera class. In the forefront is a guy in green with headphones and an AX2000 in the background is a guy in a blue shirt with a stocking hat on.

SPNN Training and Classes

Get started with the Intro to SPNN class which is the first Tuesday at 6PM. This class is hybrid, held via Zoom and in person. This is the first step in using SPNN resources and must be taken before any other classes at SPNN. In this class you will learn how you can utilize SPNN resources to create program you then share with the community via our channels. Register for our Intro Class here.  You must pre-register for this class. Staff will reach out to see if you plan to attend in person or remote so we can adequately set up for the class. 

Technical Training
We have regular monthly classes on editing with Adobe Premiere and SPNN field gear-cameras, lights, and microphones. You can also check out our tutorials to learn more about filming and editing techniques and how to use our gear. We also hold one-to-one classes as needed for  portable switcher, and studio. Reach out to Theng to schedule your class. 

Our Field Camera class is the second Tuesday and Wednesday at 6PM. This class is offered in person. You do need to register in advance for this, and all of our classes.  

To use SPNN edit resources you will need to take the Editing Class or test out of the class. This class is typically the third Tuesday and Wednesday of the month at 6PM. You can find the dates in our Member Portal or on the events page.

Storytelling Training
We regularly hold a series of classes on story construction, storytelling through editing, pre-production, interview skills, and other skills needed to create engaging media.

Custom Training for Groups
SPNN's Program team will collaborate with your local non-profit for specialized trainings for your members, constituents, or staff. We will customize training to fit your needs, it could be one workshop, a day long session, or a several part series. We work with both youth and adults

Custom trainings we have done are day long PSA camps, multi-week podcasting workshops with teens, storytelling workshops with adults. If you are interested in custom training please reach out to Bonnie at schumacher@spnn.org

SPNN Philosophy on Training

  • SPNN believes that project-based learning is the best way to lean new skills.

  • SPNN believes, when possible, instructors should be representative of the youth and adults we are teaching.

  • SPNN believes it is good to bring our youth into mentorship roles when working with other youth.