Whose Show is it Anyway? was held Thursday, February 25 from 7-8PM. 

It's been a year like no other, and the team as SPNN has been hard at work in several different ways making sure our communities can connect, know more, and be heard - watch the above video to see what we have been up to!


SPNN is a community media and technology center that provides the tools and training for youth, adult, and nonprofits to use media and technology to tell stories and gain job skills. We have 35 AmeriCorps members in nonprofits, libraries, and workforce centers around the Twin Cities metro area. We partner with organizations to create studio programs. Through our programs and classes we help youth and adults learn media making skills. 

Due to COVID-19 our media center is open three days a week. We are open Sundays from 1-5, Tuesdays 3-7, and Fridays from 3-7. We are limiting the amount of people in the space so reservations need to be made 24 hours in advance. All of our classes are virtual. See below to sign up for our Intro to SPNN class. After you have taken the Intro class you can sign up to take the Camera Class to learn how to utilize our cameras, audio, and other field gear. 

To request equipment fill out this webform. If you are having trouble filling out the webform please email the Media Center team with your request. 

Resources To Create Meaningful Media

  • Virtual Drop In Hours

    Virtual Help

    Advance your skills in audio, production, or post production, or script writing by joining us for our Virtual Drop in Space on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays from 6-8. This is a great way to also meet other members. Email classes@spnn.org for more details. 

    You can also sign up for one-to-one help on Mondays. 
    Jackie https://calendly.com/jackietyson/spnn-office-hours-1
    Michael D. https://calendly.com/michaeldayton/officehours

  • yellow orange background with an image of a microphone, three point light kit, and camera. White lettering says Make a Reservation

    Make a Reservation

    If you would like to make a reservation for an edit suite or gear pick up please fill out this webform. You can reserve cameras, lights, or audio gear.

    Before reserving gear you must have attended an Intro to SPNN class, attended the appropriate class and be an active member of SPNN.

  • Intro to SPNN Class

    Utilize SPNN Resources

    To utilize SPNN resources; camera, lights, audio, Adobe Premiere for editing, and studio you need to be a member of SPNN and take our Intro class.

    Our Intro Class is the first Wednesday of every month via Zoom.

    Find out more about our camera and editing classes on our training page.