SPNN is a community media and technology center that provides the tools and training for youth, adult, and nonprofits to use media and technology to tell stories and gain job skills. We have 35 AmeriCorps members in nonprofits, libraries, and workforce centers around the Twin Cities metro area. We partner with organizations to create studio programs. Through our programs and classes we help youth and adults learn media making skills. There are many ways you can be involved with SPNN, find the way that is right for you!

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Highlighted Media

SPNN has a podcast that talks with local artists, several television shows and one of productions created by our production team, media produced by youth and program participants. Below is a sampling of some of our most recent work. 

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    SPNN Podcast

    The SPNN podcast talks with local artists and activists about their work, their communities, and issues that are important to them. You can catch our latest podcast anywhere you get your podcasts. 

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    SPNN Forum

    Host Martin Ludden talks with Beverly Tipton and Drew Hammond of Tipton Hammond Arts Center.

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    Disability Viewpoints

    Host Nick Wilkie has an interview with Holly Kampa of Highland Friendship Club. Host Mark Hughes congratulates Development Director Jennifer Sutch on Shriners Children's 100th anniversary, and talks with Trevor Turner from the MN Council on Disability for an update on legislative matters. episode 45

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