Tips for Creating from Home

  • Mobile Device Filming Tips

    Use your Mobile Phone

    This tutorial walks you through setting up your phone to take the best video (Galaxy and iPhone), and tips to get record the best video. Tara walks through quick tips on horizontal video, lighting, and audio.  

  • Iphone

    Downloading Zoom for iPhone- Somali

  • Zoom

    Zoom basics for a computer- Somali language

Creating Media

  • Composition and Framing

    Composition and Framing

  • Unconventional Framing

    Unconventional Framing

  • Creative Lighting

    Creative Lighting

  • Three-Point Lighting

    Three Point Lighting

    Lights, Camera, Action! In this Tech Tip, you will learn the basics of the three-point lighting theory. Use this lighting set up to make your subject look the best that they can!

  • Three Point Lighting

    Three Point Lighting

  • Microphone

    Choosing a Microphone

    Here is a quick Tech Tip on all the audio equipment we have available for SPNN members to use!

  • still image from the video. A person holding a cable in front of a pink background.

    Cable Wrapping

  • still shot of the video. A one shot of a woman


  • still shot of the video. A male in front of the control in SPNN's large studio

    Lighting Tutorial

Adobe Premiere Editing Tips

  • Project managment

    Project Management in Premiere Pro

  • Editing on a Slower Computer

    Editing on a Slower Computer

    One small tip to try when you are editing in Adobe Premiere on a computer that is struggling to process your film project.

  • Color Correction

    Color Correction

    Learn how to white-balance, brighten, balance colors, and create vignettes for your video in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

  • Shakey Video

    Editing Shaky footage

    Stabilize your shaky footage using the Warp Stabilizer effect in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Note: It is always best to make sure your original footage has the least amount of shake as possible. Warp Stabilizer can only do so much without distorting your footage.

  • Green Screen

    Editing Green Screens with Ultra Key

    So you have your green screen footage. Now what do you do? Learn how to use Adobe Premiere Pro CC's Ultra Key effect to edit a new background into your film!

  • Multi-Camera Editing

    Multi-Camera Editing in Adobe Premiere

    Learn how to edit using various clips from the same interview. This editing method utilizes audio to sync, thus you must have recorded audio on all the clips in order for these steps to work.