Fresh Vantage Post Grant

The Fresh Vantage Post Grant is funded by the RJ Christensen Foundation and managed/distributed by the Saint Paul Neighborhood Network. This is a post-production grant to support marginalized MN filmmakers to complete a documentary project. In the inaugural pilot year, this grant is invite-only. 

The Fresh Vantage Post Grant offers up to $15,000 grants to six marginalized emerging filmmakers from Minnesota. This grant funds post-production only. 



The next round for applications may open in fall/winter 2022.



To qualify for this grant, you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Be an emerging filmmaker. Emerging means must have completed some work, but have not achieved a widely known reputation as a filmmaker. It means you have goals to continue on this path to becoming a more established filmmaker. 
  • Be a member of a marginalized community. This includes but is not limited to the following communities: disabled, Black, Indigenous and other communities of color, women, LGBTQ+.
  • Your project must be entering the post-production phase. Production must be mostly completed by the time of your application.
  • Be a resident of Minnesota for at least one year. Be a resident of Minnesota for the duration of your film. 
  • In this first year, you must be invited to apply. In order to be invited, you must have a relationship with SPNN through our programs or be nominated.
  • You cannot be an SPNN staff member (contractors are okay).



Here are examples of what this grant can be used for:

  • Hire an editor or pay yourself as the editor
  • Hire someone to do graphics, color correction, etc.
  • Hire a composer or pay for music rights
  • Pay for photo/video rights
  • Host feedback sessions
  • Pay a story consultant
  • Pay yourself as the producer/director during the post-production process
  • Pay legal fees to have your film reviewed

Here are examples of what this grant cannot be used for:

  • Developing and doing pre-production for your film
  • Shooting your film (Production) - a small portion of these funds can be requested to cover final production costs but should not take up a large portion of the budget.


Application Requirements

The application consists of the following pieces:

  1. The application - deadline extended to January 14th at 12:00pm CST
  2. Work Samples - On your application, you will be asked to paste the URL to two work samples:
    1. A completed prior piece
    2. A sample of the project for which you are applying for funding.
    3. You will have the option to include a third sample, if you wish.
  3. Budget - You must use our budget template and attached it to the application.
  4. In this first year, you must be invited to apply and must have a relationship with SPNN through our programs. 
  5. You cannot be an SPNN staff member



If you are selected to receive this grant, these are the required deliverables for your project:

  1. An updated budget as part of your contract, prior to receiving your funds.
  2. A completed film, due one year from the day you sign the grant contract.
  3. A narrative report upon the completion of your grant period (estimated March 2023).
  4. A financial report upon completion of your grant period.
  5. Check-in meetings with the grant program manager as necessary.







This grant is funded by:

Raymond J. Christensen Foundation