• How long can I take equipment out for? All checkouts can be for up to five days, right now. We are evaluating our open hours and this may be updated.
  • How many times per month can I check out gear? You can take out cameras, lighting, and audio gear twice per month. You can use the studio one weekend per month or up to 8 hours per week. Currently there is no limit on editing time. 
  • How far in advance do I have to make a reservation? Reservations must be made 24 hours in advance to give staff time to check availability and get back to you. 
  • What time is the last check in? The last check in is 30 minutes before SPNN closes for the day.
  • What happens if I am running late? If you aren’t going to make your pick up time- you need to call 651.298.8908 and email accessstaff@spnn.org to let us know. If you are running late on your return time- you must do the same. If you are late on the return time- remember that your inconveniencing another member and there may be fines or suspensions for repeated behavior. 
  • Do I have to turn in what I create to SPNN? Yes. Anything you create using SPNN resources needs to be shared with the community via our channels or website. 
  • Can I use SPNN resources for commercial purposes?  NO.
  • Can I have underwriting on my program/get paid for my work? Yes. An organization or foundation can pay you to do work. You can put underwriting on your program- just discuss it with Bonnie ahead of time. On page 16 of the handbook the rules are laid out.