Corporate and Foundation Partners

SPNN is a community media center that enjoys collaborating with partners, whether it is to create media or a training curriculum. SPNN brings the expertise in media creation and media education while your bring the expertise on your issue and the community you serve. Together we create media or training program/workshop to meet the needs of the community.

We could not do this work without financial support. SPNN gratefully acknowledges our corporate and foundation partners.

To learn about partnering with SPNN, get in touch with Xavier Vazquez at


Whether it is for a one time program or an ongoing relationship, SPNN enjoys working with our partners.

  • The Asian Media Access logo- a multi colored triangle with Asian Media Access spelled out in black letters

    Asian Media Access

    Asian Media Access uses SPNN's studio to teach media production to the young people they work with. 

  • black card with BiCities written accross the top in bold puffy letters. Underneath it is written "a show by and for the Bisexual community and our friends & allies"


    BiCities has been producing a show for more than two decades and uses SPNN studio and resources to create their media. 

  • a blue bold line with disability viewpoints written in white letters. Underneath a green line with viewpoints written in white letters.

    Disability Viewpoints

    The Disability crew works with our production staff to create a monthly program for and by the disability community. 

  • the Higher Ground Academy logo which is a pyramid with a yellow top and blue side with Higher Ground Academy written in blue letters underneath it.

    Higher Ground Academy

    SPNN is working with Higher Ground Academy to teach their 9th graders podcasting.

  • The league of women voters logo LWV with a red line under it. Off to the side is League of Women Voters of St. Paul

    League of Women Voters of St. Paul

    We partner with the League of Women Voters St. Paul on candidate and issue forums. 

  • The Macalester Logo- a shield with navy blue lines crisscorssing. Macalester is written in the same blue underneath.

    Macalester College

    SPNN hosts Off Campus Student Employees from Macalester as well as interns. 

  • The Right Track logo which is three hashes one in green, one in blue and one in orange. Right Track in gray letters stacked next to them.

    Right Track

    SPNN youth get paid to participate in our programs through the Right Track program.

  • In the upper right corner is the girl scout logo and then in bold black print is girl scouts over in regular text river valleys

    River Valleys Girl Scouts

    SPNN offers one day PSA camps for scouts to learn media making skills. 

  • The Shift MN logo

    Shift MN-

    SPNN partnered with Shift MN (a part of Rainbow Health) to offer their youth podcasting training. 

Foundation Support

Foundations support our youth and adult cohort based programs and our CTEP AmeriCorps program.