SPNN is a community media and technology center that provides the tools and training for youth, adult, and nonprofits to use media and technology to tell stories and gain job skills. We have 35 AmeriCorps members in nonprofits, libraries, and workforce centers around the Twin Cities metro area. We partner with organizations to create studio programs. Through our programs and classes we help youth and adults learn media making skills. There are many ways you can be involved with SPNN, find the way that is right for you!

Get Involved

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    Teach Technology Skills

    Make a difference! Teach basic or advanced media, technology, and digital literacy skills. Find out how you can become a CTEP AmeriCorps Member!

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    Create Your Own Media

    Use SPNN studio, camera, audio, and lighting gear to create your own media! Learn basic and advanced audio and video production skills. Use Adobe products to edit your content. 

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    Youth Programs

    Youth 14-19 can learn podcasting, video production, and about careers in media by becoming a part of SPNN Youth. Find the right program for you.

SPNN Forum: Climate Change

SPNN's production team and guest host Kel Heyl have completed a three part series of interviews on climate change, focusing on the new report from the United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). These three episodes look at the issue from a scientific overview and efforts that our city is making and what you as an individual can do. 

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    Part 1

    Host Kel Heyl Interviews Dr. Kenneth Blumenfeld, Senior Climatologist, Minnesota State Climate Office, who provides an explanation of greenhouse gases and the process by which they create climate changes and weather extremes, as part one of his series on climate change.

  • a still from the video. It is an over the shoulder shot of Russ Stark over the shoulder of Kel

    Part 2

    Host Kel Heyl Interviews Russ Stark, the City of Saint Paul's Chief Resilience Officer, about how efforts the city of Saint Paul is making to meet the threat of global warming and weather extremes, as part two of his series on climate change.

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    Part 3

    Host Kel Heyl Interviews Danielle Hauck, Customer Energy Manager with the Center for Energy and the Environment, about how individuals can save energy and produce less carbon, as part three of his series on climate change.


  • DigiDaze is back!

    Every year, our CTEP AmeriCorps service members put together Civic Engagement projects involving community outreach, and we’re pleased to invite you to one of them: DigiDaze.

  • Recruiting for Doc U

    Applications are now open for SPNN's Doc U program.

  • New Angle Fellows

    Meet our 2022 New Angle Fellows

  • SPNN receives grant from National Endowment for the Arts

    St. Paul Neighborhood Network (SPNN) to Receive $15,000 Grant from the National Endowment for the Arts

  • Speaking of Youth

    Learn what our youth have been up to since September and find out how you can hear their new podcasts on sports.