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Welcome to the new SPNN Youth interns

We would like to welcome our new interns to SPNN Youth! We sat down with Rebecca Shilling and Prakshi to find out what they are excited about in their internship with SPNN Youth, and how they both share a passion for dance.

Bringing Stop Motion Folktales to Life at Phalen Lake Hmong Magnet School

SPNN Youth and Phalen Lake Hmong Magnet School have partnered to provide compelling classroom curriculum to the 5th grade students, emphasizing increased technology skills paired with a deeper cultural understanding of the world. This year’s focus is on creating stop motion videos, with students in the leading roles, as well as directing, photographing and providing assistance. SPNN’s Youth Projects Coordinator, Kao Choua has been working with the students three days a week, leading them through the steps of creating stop motion videos that illustrate and retell cultural folktales. The youth have learned the critical roles that folktales play in many cultures, specifically the five cultural groups represented in the class, including Hmong, Korean, African, Mexican and Native American. After their study of these diverse folktales, the students were invited to write their own narratives out in storyboards to create their own stop motion story. This process has allowed for a deeper understanding of their own culture, as well as other cultural backgrounds through collaborating with other students to create the final project.

Set It Up kicks off a great new season of youth media

A standing-room only audience came out for the screening.

Hi, my name is Pinky Lor and it has been a pleasure to be a youth member at the Saint Paul Neighborhood Network’s (SPNN) Set it Up program! Through SPNN, I have gained video production skills as well as many other skills that I know will be useful to me in the future. We recently had our Set it Up First Episode Screening on January 30th, 2014, with our youth members: Sumaya, Kylee, Theng, Pinky, Max, Julia, Ayantu, Kyle, and Delmar, as well as Daratu, a youth worker at SPNN.


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