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NCAC Youth Film Contest

NCAC Youth Film ContestNCAC Youth Film Contest

For the National Coalition Against Censorship's Tenth Annual Youth Free Expression Project Film Contest, they are seeking films about a censorship issue or event from the past 40 years, or films which explore what you think will be the major free speech questions of the future. Be engaging and informative, while showing how your topic fits into a historical context.

Shine a light into any corner of free expression: social media in schools, internet filters, privacy and surveillance, street art and vandalism, sex education, science textbooks, and more. 


Cultivating Stage Presence Workshop for Teens

Saturday, November 22


Free but registration is required

This workshop will share practical tips, tactics and tools for overcoming stage fright, projecting your voice, controlling your body on stage, tapping into your natural emotions and personality, and more. All experience levels are welcome!
Taught by Guante. For teens ages 12 and up.

Register here


Youth Get Going in SOL and CreaTech

Open Labs is up and running again at SPNN, and the Createch studio is back at Arlington Hills Community Center on Tuesdays. We are excited for another year of SOL and Createch, and hope to see you there!


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