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The Express Train to Awesome: YIP Field Trips

YIP explores the Express Bike Shop

By Magee Glenn-Burns, Communications Intern and Allison Bolah, YIP Assistant Coordinator


A Great End to a Great Year of Set It Up

Everyone is anxiously awaiting the food

By Kevin Kalla, SPNN Youth Program Coordinator & Magee Glenn-Burns, Communications Intern


Immigrant Youth Use Video to Explain Where They Come From

Leap Academy provides a working space for immigrant students to learn English and adapt into the American culture as quickly as possible. There’s a diverse range of students who come from different parts of the world and they are all immersed in one environment so they can get the best experience to prepare them after they graduate. In the Spring, SPNN youth had the opportunity to work with 12 students who have been in the United States for less than 3 years. Their English is still developing but are improving everyday. They were asked to make a video about where they come from.


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