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Set It Up Resumes Tues. January 4th!


Welcome back Set It Up members!




We hope you all had a nice holiday and enjoyed your vacation!

It's time to get back to our program and begin our second episode!

Set It Up resumes tomorrow (Tues. January 4th) 3-5 pm.

Any questions?  Please call Sara Torres at (651) 361-8152


Autobiography Wrap Up

Hi everyone!! It's Andrew again.... Just wanted to give you an update on what the Set It Up crew  is up to... This week is the last week that the crew is able to work on their autobiography projects so there is a lot of cramming in to do this week... For the crew's work days they are able to come in and work on their project both days and they have until 8pm or a little after to finish their pieces.

November 30th Meeting Minutes

November 30th, 2010


Present: Breon, Andrew, Nicola, Sammi, Pahnia, Bekka, Alejandra, April, Sara


YAC Meeting November 16, 2010


Present: Sammi, April, Breon, Dallas, Malcolm, Alejandra, Nicola, Sara

TCYMN Screening
April volunteered to do the TCYMN curating session and help emcee the event on December 4th. Everyone else is invited to attend the December 4th 1PM screening at the Walker Art Center. We will be providing rides from SPNN.

YAC Minutes November 2 2010

Our November 2nd YAC meeting was attended by April, Sami, Andrew, Panhia, David, and Dallas.  Our first agenda item was to sign the new signing wall.  We had fun doing this! 

Our next agenda item was to watch media submissions for the TCYMN all city media screening which will be in December.  We watched about 12 online submissions from IFP.  We ended up choosing 2 PSA's and one documentary, and one animation as the best videos.

YAC Mural Project











YAC has been very busy this past few month!  We have been working with muralist, Shelley Rohlf to create a mural and signing wall for the hallway outside of the media lab.  YAC members came up with the ideas for the mural and helped paint it over MEA weekend.  We are very pleased with it and hope you like it too!











The signing wall was the other project we worked on, and is directly across from the mural and outside of the Media Lab and the small studio.  The idea is that any youth involved with SPNN can sign their name and the date on the signing wall, so we can have a visual record of all of the youth that have been involved with SPNN.

The Second Week Of Set It Up!!

Hello all! It's Andrew here updating you on what's going on in Set It Up each week... I will be posting a story every Tuesday for the rest of the season, so I hope you will read it to know what's going on in Saint Paul's best teen produced television show Set It Up!

YAC Meeting Notes 10/05/2010

YAC Meeting

October 5, 2010


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