Your Legislators

Your Legislators is a live one-hour public affairs program produced for public television stations serving the citizens of Minnesota. It allows moderator Barry Anderson to field questions from viewers and provides a forum for citizens to directly obtain information about state issues that most concern them. Each week the panel is made up of a politically balanced group of four Minnesota state legislators, each representing a different caucus, which allows for rigorous debate and discussion of the issues with the depth and detail necessary to address many of the complex issues facing Minnesota today. Your Legislators is a production of Pioneer Public Television, with assistance from SPNN.

Viewers are invited to call or e-mail during the show with questions and comments. In fact, these questions and comments are typically what determine the topics of each show.

Broadcast live every Thursday at 8:00 p.m. on SPNN Channel 19, and carried on a number of channels throughout the state, live from our studios in downtown St. Paul. During the Minnesota Legislative session, Moderator Barry Anderson hosts a panel of representatives and senators and gives them the opportunity to answer your questions. 

Your Legislators - February 27, 2014

Senator Tom Bakk (DFL) DIstrict 3, Cook; Senator David Hann (R) District 48, Eden Prairie; Representative Paul Thissen (DFL) District 61B, Minneapolis and Representative Kurt Daudt (R) Distr


Your Legislators - February 20, 2014

Filmed live in the SPNN studio. 

Your Legislators - February 21st, 2013

Rep. Joe Schomacker (R), Rep Tim Mahoney (DFL), Sen. David Senjem (R) and Sen. Kent Eken (DFL).

Your Legislators - February 14th, 2013

Rep. Denny McNamara (R), Rep. Michael Nelson (DFL), Sen. Julianne Ortman (R), Sen. Sandra Pappas (DFL).

Your Legislators - February 7th, 2013

Rep. Andrew Falk (DFL), Murdock and Sen. Scott Dibble (DFL), Minneapolis.

Your Legislators - January 24, 2013

Sen. Ann Rest (DFL), Sen. Dave Thompson (R), Rep. John Lesch (DFL) and Rep. Tom Hackbarth (R).

Your Legislators - January 17, 2013

Sen. Mary Kiffmeyer (R), Sen. Patricia Torres Ray (DFL), Rep. Sarah Anderson (R) and Rep. Tim Mahoney (DFL).

Your Legislators - January 10, 2013

Sen. Tom Bakk (DFL) Majority Leader, Sen. David Hann (R) Minority Leader, Rep.

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