TruthToTell: Community Connections

TruthToTell: Community Connections is a 12 episode series of special TruthToTell programs looking at key issues facing various communities around the Twin Cities Metro and across Minnesota. TruthToTell: Community Connections is a co-production of CivicMedia-Minnesota (CMM), KFAI Radio, and SPNN with major funding provided by The Bush Foundation

Each month, Andy Driscoll and Michelle Alimoradi will host conversations on important issues like education, the environment, health care, politics and elections, transportation, Native issues, youth issues and more, into the key communities affected by these respective topics. CMM will bring in a live and engaged audience each month to be an integral part of the conversation. 

The programs are recorded live in front of a studio audience on the second Wednesday of every month and aired the following Monday – in TruthToTell’s regular slot at 9:00 AM on KFAI,  90.3fm Minneapolis, 106.7fm St. Paul, and online at, and at 8:00 PM on television on SPNN St. Paul Cable Channel 19, and MTN Minneapolis Cable Channel 16

TruthToTell: Community Connections- Rethinking Parent Involvement in K-12 Education


Redskins- A protest song

TruthToTell: Community Connections- Returning Homes- Full Show

Teaser- TruthToTell: Community Connections- Stabilizing communities after the housing crisis

Performing for Change: An in-depth look a Twin Cities independent theater

TruthToTell: Community Connections- Who runs Minneapolis, Who should?

TruthToTell 9-9-13: Community Land Trusts

TruthToTell: What is a Community Land Trust?

TruthToTell: WIDENING ECONOMIC INEQUALITY: An Old Story Lives in New Numbers

Thomas Legg Explains Recent Growth & Justice Report Findings

TruthToTell 9-2-13 Excerpt: Remembering Ken Tilsen


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