November 30th Meeting Minutes

November 30th, 2010


Present: Breon, Andrew, Nicola, Sammi, Pahnia, Bekka, Alejandra, April, Sara


Macalester students got input on a project they are doing for their class looking at Representations of Race.  They asked a lot of questions about what we think about the media, how youth and youth of color or portrayed in the media, and what we get out of participating in programs at SPNN.


We discussed a proposal from Sarah Whiteaker to hold workshops during SOL.  We gave some feedback and contributed some ideas that would add on what she suggested.  YAC members are interested in helping out too.


Sammi and Breon are still working on the sweatshirt design, and will bring on Thursday.  Sara will scan and email it out for everyone to look at.  We will aim to finalized the design at the next meeting.


We are looking towards future projects including a YAC flyer, a promo video, and other options too!


Meeting Adjourned




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