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Autobiography Wrap Up

Hi everyone!! It's Andrew again.... Just wanted to give you an update on what the Set It Up crew  is up to... This week is the last week that the crew is able to work on their autobiography projects so there is a lot of cramming in to do this week... For the crew's work days they are able to come in and work on their project both days and they have until 8pm or a little after to finish their pieces.

Today I also went around and asked the people that were present what they like most about Set It Up so far and these were some of the responses..... Kevin said that he enjoyed " watching the crew come together and share all their great ideas" he also said "it's wonderful to get so much support from Set It Up alumni this year".. Sara said " I enjoy watching all the little people." Joe said he like learning about "Final Cut and all the things you can do on it." Malcolm said that "meeting new people and learning how to use the equipment" was his favorite part. And last but not least Pahnia said "everything!"

I have  seen the progress of the crew and I believe that this is going to be a great episode and you are going to learn a lot about the crew, and also what kind of style they like to use to portray themselves... Next Tuesday we are going to be shooting the intros to the videos in the studio and I can't wait to see everyone learn all there is to know about shooting in the studio..... Well I hope you enjoyed this week's blog post, hope to have one next week! Stay classy Saint Paul!