YAC Meeting November 16, 2010


Present: Sammi, April, Breon, Dallas, Malcolm, Alejandra, Nicola, Sara

TCYMN Screening
April volunteered to do the TCYMN curating session and help emcee the event on December 4th. Everyone else is invited to attend the December 4th 1PM screening at the Walker Art Center. We will be providing rides from SPNN.

Contacting YAC Members
It was decided that text messaging and Facebook are the ideal ways to contact YAC members about meetings. We will post notes on the YAC website and also send them out via FB.

YAC Tshirt Logo
Breon and Sammi came up with an idea for a new YAC logo, which will be used on a tshirt/sweatshirt and possibly a new flyer. They will bring the design to the next meeting. We also talked about a minimum number of meetings YAC members must attend to “earn” a tshirt.

YAC Goals Review
We reviewed our YAC goals for the coming year and discussed possible activities with newer members.

The next meeting is Tuesday November 30th from 5-7PM. See you then!members.


Next meeting is Tuesday November 30th from 5-7PM. See you then!


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