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The Second Week Of Set It Up!!

Hello all! It's Andrew here updating you on what's going on in Set It Up each week... I will be posting a story every Tuesday for the rest of the season, so I hope you will read it to know what's going on in Saint Paul's best teen produced television show Set It Up!

Today marked the second week of the season and we are still working on the basics of everything. We first started out by showing all the crew members how to use the cameras and how to set up the tripods. This year was especially difficult because the crew had to learn how to use the new HD cameras that we got this year and it was a learning experience for all because Kevin and Sarah had the challenge of teaching how to master the cameras that they weren't so fimilar with, but all went well and everyone seems to know the basics. Last week the crew learned how to shoot "OTS" On The Street Interviews which the got to do on their work days. Today we watched a piece of a segment that was from one of the episodes last season which got a feel for what the crew did last year. Then Kevin and Sarah taught the "FEW" things you need to know and check when your shoot any shot. F meaning Focus is to make sure what your shooting is clear for the audience. E stands for exposure which means you want to control how much light the camera is taking form the surrondings it's shooting and adjust it to fit the shot your looking for. And last but not least is W for White balance which is to tell the camera what white looks like. After they got how to adjust everything Kevin and Sarah had the crew do  ascavenger hunt wher they had to shoot ten seconds of a certain angle or differnt camera movement and eveytime the shot each one had to adjust the "FEW" things. After the crew got done we watched some of the OTS form last week and one groups results from the scavenger hunt which turned out great! We will continue to review the footage on each work day! Well I hope you Enjoyed the Blog Entry and hope for you to continue reading thatnks!

Andrew Lonnes- Youth Volunteer

OTS Interview!

Scavenger Hunt!