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YAC Meeting Notes 10/05/2010

YAC Meeting

October 5, 2010

Present: Nicola, Mary, Sami, April, Vermul, David, Panhia

We had an awesome YAC meeting on October 5th!  First we reviewed our yearly goals for YAC – here they are:

1. Do outreach to school/community orgs about SPNN Youth
2. Create a new YAC flyer
3. Design SPNN Youth apparel
4.      Make YAC Tshirts
5.      Brainstorm/develop new ideas for classes
6.      Build advanced technology trainings into YAC
7.      Make a promo video for SPNN Youth Programs
8.      Paint a mural for SPNN Youth in the Media Lab area
9.      Organize offsite screenings
10.  Participate in parades and events
11.  Organize field trips
12.  Organize a camp-out
13.  Participate in Annual SPNN Youth Retreat!

Then, we did reminders about a few things.  We still have a job opening at SPNN Youth for a Peer Mentor to help with our Youth In Government program.  YIG takes place four weekends in November and December.  Email Nicola if you are interested at  We also reminded YAC members about the SPNN 25th Anniversary Gala happening on October 14th.  April, David, and Niambi are volunteering at the event, and Vermul is speaking and showing her media!

Next, we talked about Set It Up!  We encouraged all YAC members to apply to SIU, and to help us with outreach.  A number of YAC members took flyers and promised to post them at their schools.

Our last agenda item was the Mural.  Shelly Rohlff, an artist who has agreed to paint our mural, came to the YAC meeting to show a sample drawing.  We all loved it and were super excited about  the concepts she came up with – inspired by our brainstorming session.  We spent a long time talking about colors for the mural, the signing wall, and ended up inspired by Vermul’s shoes (shown here).  The mural will include the light blue color of Vermul’s laces.

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday October 19th from 5-7PM.  We will be finalizing the mural drawing and colors, and begin prepping for the painting process, which will occur on Wednesday and Thursday.  We hope you all can join us!  If you can’t make it to the meeting on the 19th, let us know if you’d like to help with painting on Wednesday or Thursday during the day.